Simplicity products are only available through authorized independent dealers. While every big retail chain is eager to sell you a new tractor, riding mower or snowthrower, consider what Hammett Motors offers you that the big stores can't. Your decision to invest in a major piece of lawn or snow equipment is too important to be made with the help of a part-time store clerk.

The value of buying from Hammett Motors includes:

Before the sale

  • Offers professional advice and test drives
  • Accepts trade-ins
  • Offers many financing plans
After the sale
  • Delivery with purchase plus pick-up and delivery with service
  • Equipment that is fully assembled and tested
  • Personal instructions on operation
  • In-stock Genuine Replacement Parts and Accessories
  • Factory-trained and certified service technicians
We have been a Simplicity Dealer since 1971.

When you consider what's important, the answer is simple.
Buying a tractor can be an overwhelming experience. There are many manufacturers, many features and many decisions. But focus on what's important - quality of cut, traction, reliability, ease of use - and many of these questions will begin to answer themselves. And one manufacturer will stand out.

A great cut should be your focus and your end result.
Nothing is more important than the ability of your tractor to meticulously mow your lawn. And the way its engineered will determine whether your lawn will show off a velvety smooth manicure or a cut scarred by scalping. There is a definite science to designing a mower deck. And a definite reason why no one's mower deck outperforms a Simplicity.

Bottom Line?
Simplicity is The Way to a Beautiful Lawn. When you consider the total package - quality construction, comfort, reliability, legendary long life, the best cut you can find - no other brand stands up to Simplicity.